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Why do some men slap their (female) partners during sex? - quora

It’s really good that you both got to talk about it afterwards, and it’s good that he apologized. I hope you can understand that it was just a one-time impulsive thing and not a serious attempt to hurt or degrade you, and not less this hurt the relationship too much. My bf choked and spits in my mouth. Does that make sense? If they do consent and are happy with whatever goes on, then fine. If you bundle 5 thin canes together, the impact increases. Remember, i am no expert, so everything here is seasoned with a grain of salt already for you.

Face smackingBoyfriend slaps me in the face during sex - is this normal? : sex

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Boyfriend slaps me in the face during sex – is this normal?

Personally i would run a mile. As with anything, and especially in the lifestyle, communication is so important.