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I notice two days ago blood in my stool. Or anal fissures, to serious conditions such as cancer. An accurate diagnosis of the location and the cause of rectal bleeding is important for proper treatment, and prevention of further bleeding. But ever since, every time i go to the toilet for a poo which is everyday it stings like mad and there is blood on the poo and when i wipe everytime. A couple of weeks ago i was suffering with rectal bleeding, i could literally hear it pouring into the toilet.

Is bleeding after anal sex normal- 465 questions answered | practo consultIs bleeding after anal sex normal - anal sex bleeding

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Hello i have pain when passing poo just like when someone has eaten a hot curry the night before and when i wipe my bottom i have bright red blood on it. Anybody had this that could tell me what it could be thanks. Even if it doesn’t come back i am still very worried as something must have caused it to happen.

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